Full Bust:____ Inch

    around bust at fullest point.

    Waist:____ Inch

    around waist at smallest point. Let's start by tying a ribbon or piece of string around the natural waist, which would be around your torso at the smallest point. Leave the string in place while you do the rest of the measurements. You will need it for reference for some of the other measurements.

    Hips:____ Inch

    Around hips at fullest point, taking note of how far down from the waist that you are measuring.

    Hollow-Nipple-Hem:____ Inch

    (with shoes on:____ Inch)

    Measure from hollow to hem with shoes on.

    Dress color



    Arbitrary choice of colors


    color chart

    1:Full Bust_____Inch



    4:Height: _____Inch

    5:Dress color _____color

    Please tell us the above information at least

    color chart

    Ballerina:____ Inch

    Waist to halfway down calf (Ballerina style skirt);

    Upper bust:____ Inch

    Measure above your breasts in the same manner as you measured across them.

    Udder bust:____ Inch

    Measure under your breasts in the same manner as you measured over them.

    Nipple to nipple:____ Inch

    bust point to bust point. Okay, technically, nipple to nipple.

    Shoulder to bust:____ Inch

    from the top of your shoulder down to bust point (nipple).

    Shoulder to Waist:____ Inch

    Remember that point on your shoulder. Well use that again and measure from there OVER your bust straight down to the ribbon on your waist.

    Neck to waist:____ Inch

    Neck to waist

    Arms eye:____ Inch

    This measurement gives me the size of the sleeve hole that you are comfortable wearing. This measurement is entirely subjective and you can make it as deep or as tight as you are comfortable with.

    Bicep:____ Inch

    Around arm at fullest part of upper arm.

    Neck:____ Inch

    around neck loosely. You will not need this one unless your garment has a high neck and/or collar.

    Head:____ Inch

    Head circumference

    Shoulder to Shoulder:____ Inch

    Now from the edge of that shoulder socket, measure all the way over to the same point on the other shoulder along the back.

    Arm Length:____ Inch

    Shoulder point to wrist arm bent.

    Upper arm length:____ Inch

    Measure from outer shoulder down to elbow

    knee:____ Inch

    Double knee circumference

    Length of armpit to elbow:____ Inch

    Measure from armpit to elbow.

    Waist to hip:____ Inch

    Waist to hip

    Outer Leg:____ Inch

    from waist to floor WITH your shoes on.

    Height:____ Inch

    Measure from top of your head down to floor with your shoes on

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